Bullet Jigs

Constructed for fishing patchy grass, bullet jigs are the perfect choice for bass hiding in vegetation.

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  • The Jig King says:

    Got this small pack in the other day and I have caught fish on every color jig I got from here, can’t wait to get some more color and sizes, awesome results!

  • Brandon says:

    These things are amazing. Such attention to detail and quality. You cannot go wrong with this company and their products. Frugal Lures will fill my tackle box every year.

  • Devon says:

    These swim jigs are great! Holds up good and looks awesome in the water! Definitely a 5/5

  • Peter Contreras says:

    I recently just caught 28, 2-5 plus pounds largemouth in 2 days. I caught every single one of those on the black and blue puffy jig. The hook is in perfect condition still. I’ll always remember this experience and also what I had tied on those 2 glorious days. Heading out this Sunday to do it again.

  • MattClark says:

    I bought these in the lightest weight possible to throw something small and different for the fish in really late fall/really early spring. I’ve yet to try it but I paired it up with 6 pound flouracarbon on a 2000 size spinner. I’m really excited to get these wet and get some bites. The colors and size of these are great! Highly recommend everyone has these in their box once the water temps flip!

  • MattClark says:

    I literally emptied all of my other jigs out of my box once I got these. The detail, quality, colors, and hook of these jigs are second to none. These packs need to be in everyone’s box today. If you’re on the fence about these, just order them now and thank me later. These jigs are so good it makes me want to bite them! 10/10!

  • Dannyhealy74 says:

    Just recently purchased these. Yet to use, but they ALL came rigged perfectly, neat and clean. All of the trailers were straight. Hooks are very sharp, and not garbage either. Excited to use these in my
    Upcoming tournaments!

  • cooltazz3169@yahoo.com says:

    Just got my Package today and i must say it was well worth the wait. ordered the 3 Bluegill Limited Pack and from the looks of them, wow really good work. ordered the Blueback Herring Swim Jig as well and so far from looking them over. I’m very happy with my order. Thanks Frugal Lures.

  • Derrik says:

    Super unique jig! Probably one of my favorites. The combination of a football head and a finesse jig really gives them something they have never seen. Went out and got back to back 3 lbers and a few 2.5lbers. eventually broke my line off on a giant twice in the same day, same spot and I’d like to say same fish. I’d upload some photos if that was an option. Highly recommend this jig!